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In our fast-paced world, advances in technology offer many new solutions, especially in the field of product verification and authentication. Tracking, tracing, and product authentication are critical measures to ensure quality control, theft protection, and traceability in supply chains.

In recent years, the advancement in technology has led to the development of several product authentication methods. Each of the methods is unique in its own right and this article will cover a few of these methods.

With the evolution of AI technology and its subfields, we now have the potential to address this problem with new technology.

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Tracking, tracing, and product identification are important measures within the supply chain for most, if not all industries. From theft control to quality control, traceability solutions have typically been mechanical in function.

Now, with recent advances in AI development, visual inspection alone has been shown to be all that’s required to create a unique visual product fingerprint for many types of products.

In the day and age of digitization, transformational technologies have contributed immensely among several industries. The most capable innovations are witnessed in the artificial intelligence sphere. With a growing number of research, products, and services in artificial intelligence (AI), it is evident that AI has tremendous potential. Among the most popular and widely used AI technologies are associated with image processing and its analysis. As AI’s domain continues to evolve, its sub-branches such as machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision have taken center stage among global innovations.

Today, computer vision is predominant among object detection, image segmentation, and classifications…

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The era of technology and innovations is rapidly transforming our lives today. The potential of such technologies is extending beyond our imagination. The advent of advanced technologies such as computer vision is contributing enormously across industries. Among several industries, the agriculture industry is one such sector that has started incorporating computer vision in their mode of operations.

Agriculture is considered the economy-boosting sector that makes every nation stand out in the global market. The countries with large produce are significantly dominant in the export market. …


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